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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Creating Space

Today I finally sat down in my living room to do some crafting for my business...it had been a while.  I noticed how important it is to me to create an inviting and inspiring work space.  Below is a picture of my space this afternoon (before I made it a huge mess).  I made a fire in the fireplace and laid out a blanket (the hardwood floors can get uncomfortable after a while and also beads are less likely to run away when they have to fight the friction of the blanket).  I had a lovely afternoon beading and listening to music and got quite a lot done.  The cat didn't even bother me!  I encourage you to create a nice crafting space for yourself whether it is at a desk or the dinning room table or a blanket on the floor; having a space to call your own, even for just a few hours, is important.  Answer the poll to the left about how you create space for your work.

Another important aspect of creating space is creating space in your life for the arts.  This can include a variety of different things from arts and crafts to going to see a musical performance.  The arts are a part of our lives and cultures and it would be hazardous to your health to neglect creating space for some form of artistic expression in your life.  My suggestion is to make a point to include at least one form of art in your life everyday whether it be dancing, poetry, playing an instrument or even just singing in the shower.  The arts nourish our soul...so just as your body needs food, your soul needs art.  Well, I will get off my soap box for today.  Thanks for listening and please comment below about how you incorporate the arts into your daily life.

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